Durable pine timber without the nasties


Most building timber in New Zealand is treated with Chromium Copper Arsenate (CCA), which has been replaced in the Australia, the EU and the US due to health and environmental concerns.


Naturepine is made by using Micronised Copper Azole (MCA), a copper-based treatment that delivers better long-term performance with a lower environmental impact.


It is available treated with waterborne or solvent based treatments that delivers fully dry, dimensionally stable timber available from H3.2 to H5.

It's superior, nicer looking pine

  • New Zealand Standards approved timber H3.2 - H5 (AS/NZS 1604 Series, NZS 3640 and NZ EPA)

  • 50 year limited durability warranty against decay, fungi and insect attack

  • Fully compliant with the durability requirements contained with section B2/AS1 of the New Zealand Building Code

  • Increased dimensional stability over traditional timber, free of fillet marks and discoloration, consistent sizing

  • Lighter, more natural timber appearance with improved painting and staining qualities

  • Better corrosion resistance for code-approved fasteners and hardware


Naturepine is better for the environment

  • Independent environmental certifications including being the first timber treatment process to receive Environmentally Preferred Product (EPP) status by SCS 

  • Significantly lower chemical footprint from production to disposal as Naturepine does not contain the heavy metals arsenic and chromium

  • Manufactured using recycled copper as the primary raw material, which greatly reduces the energy used and greenhouse gases emitted during production

  • Releases up to 99% less copper into aquatic and terrestrial environments when compared to other wood treatments. What is released is biologically inactive, thus effectively eliminating eco-toxic impacts

Brought to you by Raglan carpenters

Back to Nature is a family-run carpentry and joinery company based in Raglan with the mission of pushing the New Zealand frontier of environmentally sustainable and high-quality residential construction practices. We aim to reflect our love for New Zealand's nature through the way we build and live in our homes.


Naturepine embodies our values really well: it’s a better product that has a greatly reduced environmental impact and it looks a lot nicer too. Naturepine has been a pleasure to work with, our clients are really happy with it and we believe it can do quite a bit of good in New Zealand – what’s not to love?